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Doctoral Thesis Supervised

  1.  Mrs. Supamas Danwittayakul: Hydrothermal ZnO Nanorod Supports for Photothermal Hydrogen Production by Methanol Reforming, 2012
  2. Mr. Tanujjal Bora: Studies on Cadmium Sulfide Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells and Manganese Dioxide Supercapacitors for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage
  3. Mr. Myo Tay Zar Myint: Studies on Capacitive Deionization Technique for the Desalination of Brackish Water
  4. Ms. Chamaiporn Teerasetsopon (Co-Chair): Studies on Homogeneously Oriented ZnO Nanorods Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
  5. Mr. Mohammad Abbas Mahmood: Studies on Zinc Oxide Nanorods for enhanced Visible Light Photocatalysis, 2012
  6. Mr. Zaheer Abbas Khan: Characterisation of Discrete Electronic Devices using Thin Layer Fabrication with Nano Particles, 2012
  7. Mr. Sunandan Baruah, Hydrothermal Growth of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures for Environmental Applications, 2011
  8. Ms. Sujira Promminit, Directed self assembly of nanoparticles by modified polyelectrolyte deposition, 2008


Master’s Thesis:

My student’s winning the Master’s students Research Competition Winners (Institute wide):

2011 (6th AIT Master’s Thesis Competition)

Winner: Mr. Setyono Hari Adi

Thesis Title: “Capacitive Deionization for Desalination with Zinc Oxide Nanorods”

2011 (6th AIT Master’s Thesis Competition): INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING
Runner-Up: Mr. Saabah Bin Mahbub

Thesis Title: “Modeling and Optimization of Electromagnetic Components of Silver SERS Substrates”

2010 (5th AIT Master’s Thesis Competition): INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING
Winner: Ms Aarthy Sivapunniyam  

Thesis Title: “Gas sensor based on nanostructures”

2009 (4th AIT Master’s Thesis Competition)

Winner: Mr Tanujjal Bora

Thesis Title: “Dye sensitized solar cells with Zinc Oxide Nanorods"

2008 (3rd AIT Master’s Thesis Competition)

Winner: Mr Niti Wiromrat

Thesis Title: “Gas Sensors Based on Zinc Oxide Nanorods"

2007 (2nd AIT Master’s Thesis Competition)

Winner: Mr Sunandan Baruah

Thesis Title: “Innovative Filtration Media for Particulate and VOC Reduction in Hard Disk"

2006 (1st AIT Master’s Thesis Competition)

Winner: Mr. Syed Hassan Mujtaba Jafri
Thesis: 'Quantum Tunneling Based Electronic Pressure Sensors Using Nanotechnology'

Master’s Thesis Supervised

  1. Application of Layer-by-Layer Films in Optical and Electrical Sensors, Md. Shah Alam, 2013
  2. Optical Fiber Based Sensor for In-Situ Monitoring of Anodic Alumina Film Growth, Farzia Karim, 2013
  3. Study on VOCs Degradation of Innovative Filter Media with Growth of ZnO Nanowires for Hard Disk Drives, Anchalee Manosin, 2012
  4. Improved heat transfer properties of zinc oxide based nano-coolants, Nattaya Tajina, 2012
  5. The impact of slider surface roughness on the Touchdown-Takeoff Hysteresis phenomenon, Ramida Vithoonsaritsilp, 2012
  6. Surface plasmon resonance sensor: detection of heavy metal ions, Htet Htet Kyaw, 2012
  7. Characterization of later-by-layer electrostatically self-assembled thin films of chitosan capped gold and silica nanoparticles on conducting substrates and its application as a pressure sensor, Anwesh Das, 2012
  8. Antibacterial superhydrophobic cotton surface, Hoorieh Fallah, 2011
  9. Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube Based Ammonia Gas Sensors - All Colloidal Assembly, Pattamon Teerapanich, 2011
  10. Self Organization of Cadmium Telluride Nanocrystals on Zinc Oxide Nanorods and Their Potential Application in Solar Cells, Karthik Lakshman Kunjali, 2011
  11. Modeling and Optimization of Electromagnetic Components of Silver SERS Substrates, Saabah Bin Mahbub, 2011
  12. Optimization of Inkjetted Electrodes Using Water-Based Silver Nanoink, Claire Mayot Joseph, 2011
  13. Desalination with Capacitive Deionization (CDI) by Layer-by-layer Electrode, Fadhlullah Ramadhani, 2011
  14. Capacitive Deionization for Desalination with Zinc Oxide Nanorods, Setyono Hari Adi, 2011
  15. Controlled-Release Double Coated NPK Compound Fertilizer with Chitosan and Kaolin Clay Superabsorbent Polymer, Sigit Budi Santoso, 2011
  16. Optical Simulation of Mesoscale Metal-insulator Nanocomposites: A Classical Electromagnetic Approach, Mayur Babanrao Chaudhari, 2011
  17. Gas sensor based on nanostructures: Aarthy Sivapunniyam, 2010
  18. Studies on Zinc Oxide Nanorod Dye Sensitized Solar Cell: Tanujjal Bora, 2009
  19. Study of Anisotropic Particles for Chemical Mechanical Polishing: Supaporn Leungsuree, 2009
  20. Studies on Zinc Oxide Nanorods for Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue in Aqueous Solution: Mohammad Abbas Mahmood, 2009
  21. Study of Process Optimization for DLC Overcoat by Filter Cathodic ARC Deposition: Phuwanai Bunnak, 2009
  22. Simulation of the Optical Properties of Polyelectrolyte Assisted Colloidal Thin Films: Anjeena Shrestha, 2009
  23. Optimization of Altic Etching Process Using Fluorinated Gases: Ekawit Hensirisak, 2009
  24. Hydrophobic Surface by Growing ZnO Nanorods on Zinc Electroplated Steel: Konakom Buayai, 2009
  25. Biomimetic Self Assembly of Gold Microwires and its Application in the Fabrication of a Piezoelectric Power Source Using ZnO Nanorods: Indrani Dakua, 2008
  26. A Study of the Electrical and Optical Characteristics of Layer-by-layer Devices Fabricated from Colloidal Nano Particles: Muhammad Irfan Abid, 2008
  27. Studies on Superhydrophobic Surfaces of ZnO Nanorods Grown on Artificially Ink-Jetted Microstructures: Myo Tay Zar Myint, 2008
  28. Optical Modeling and Simulation of Multilayer Thin Films: Dinh Ba Khuong, 2008
  29. Studies on Gas Sensors Based on Zinc Oxide Nanorods: Niti Wiromrat, 2008
  30. Zinc Oxide Nanorods Dye Sensitized Solar Cell: Mana Poyai, 2008
  31. Developing Plasmon Resonance Sensor for Heavy Metal Ion Detection: Siriphun Ameritachot, 2008
  32. Nanoparticle-Based Development of Selected Innovative Nucleic Acid-Related Microbiological Methodologies: Cesar Ortinero, 2008 (Co-Chair)
  33. Improvement of the Quantum Dot-Based Fish Technique and its Application for the Identification of Microorganisms in Water: Quail Das, 2008 (Co-Chair)
  34. Designing Ink Jet Printer for Microfabrication of Electronic Devices using Nanoparticles: Rungrot Kitsomboonloha, 2007
  35. Innovative Filtration Media for Particulate and VOC Reduction in Hard Disk Drives: Sunandan Baruah, 2007
  36. Package Construction Analysis in Ultra Small IC Packaging: Rojalin Pradhan, 2007
  37. Fabrication of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) Focusing on Improvement in Cell Performance: Naveed Ul-Islam, 2007
  38. Quantum Tunneling Based Electronic Pressure Sensors Using Nanotechnology: Syed Hassan Mujtaba Jafri, 2006
  39. Photocatalytic Activities of metal oxide nanoparticles: Ruh Ullah, 2006
  40. Formation and potential uses of glutamate stabilized gold nanoparticles: Abhilash Sugunan, 2005
  41. Study of zinc sulphide quantum dots: Hemant Warad, 2005
  42. Towards Luminescent device using ZnS Quantum dots: Bunyarit Hemtanon, 2005
  43. Development of iron based amorphous soft magnetic alloys from commercial cast iron, Rantej Bali, 2005
  44. Nanocomposite a matrice en caoutchouc naturel, 2004
  45. Quantum dots of Zinc Sulphide: Subir Chandra Ghosh, 2003
  46. Nanoparticles, Nanowires and Nanobelts : Md. Kamal Hossain, 2003
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